Development Version

GitHub also holds the latest development version of mtCellEdit.

The development version is not as well tested as the stable release, but it may have bugfixes and other changes that people may find useful.

Version 3.4 of mtCellEdit will have many changes compared to version 3.3 so in order to use this new version always uninstall the old version completely.

Changes so far:

/pkg/ New distros verified: Fedora 30, openSUSE 15.1, Arco 19.05.2

The following list is the roadmap for major project changes over the coming versions. I don't know the exact timing of final releases as they always happen when the code is stable and complete. The purpose of sharing this information is to help people understand the direction of the project as a whole, and how its constituent parts will change over the next year or two.

Version 3.x

To be decided.

Version 4.x

Qt 6 or another widget toolkit will be supported by default.

As well as these major changes, I also hope to do the more mundane things like bugfixing, refinements, and other kinds of housekeeping to keep the project as polished as possible.

If you find bugs or have suggestions for improvements please contact me.